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,Koong holding the prestigious award

PETALING JAYA: Koong Lin Loong (pic) is the first Malaysian Chinese to be recently awarded the Global Distinguished Chinese Organisation Leaders Award by Asia Weekly. He was also the only Malaysian winner among the seven winners for the prestigious award.

Koong is currently the treasurer-general cum chairman of the *** all and medium sized enterprise (SME) committee of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia.

A man with extensive experience in the SME segment and various government agencies, he is the managing partner of Reanda LLKG International chartered accounting firm and was also the previous recipient of Asia Weekly’s World Outstanding Young Leader Award. Koong is also president of South-East Asia and South Asia Region of Reanda International Network and the chairman of its international tax panel.

He is a regular speaker, moderator and commentator of tax and SMEs forums and roundtable discussions by professional and trade associations.

Koong is an appointed member of the *** all debt resolution committee of the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency, Bank Negara since 2021. He is also the director and chairman of audit committee of SME Corp Malaysia, Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, and council member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia and chairman of the institute’s membership committee.

Koong was also advisory board member of Secretariat for the Advancement of Malaysian Entrepreneurs in the prime minister’s department.

In 2012, he wrote a book on tax Be taxwise, Be rich which ranked among the top 10 Chinese professional books in Kinokuniya Bookstore. He also authored New Age GST and Old Master Q and GST.

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