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KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd has issued a letter of intent (LOI) to Invest NS to form a strategic partnership for the development of five parcels of leasehold land in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan measuring approximately 284.75 acres into Malaysia Green Valley (MGV).

Invest NS is a one solution centre set up by the government of Negeri Sembilan to assist investors in setting up new operations and expanding their existing operations in Negeri Sembilan.

In a statement, Hong Seng said MGV is envisioned to be a green industrial park designed for research and development, and manufacturing cost effective and sustainable renewable energy products and the related supply chain businesses.

It added that MGV will be a centre of excellence in building a green value chain in Southeast Asia to strengthen the clean energy value chain across the upstream, midstream and downstream segments in Southeast Asia which will enable and spur the local *** all and medium-sized enterprises to be more competitive.

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    "These member organisations are structured according to three streams, namely technology and industry partners, innovators and strategic client partners,” it said.先占坑等会看。